Cedar class has had an amazing month of learning and exploration:

  • Practicing communication skills and learning about empathy through a blindfolded K’Nex building activity modelled after the Empathy Toy from 21 Toys. Students must collaborate and communicate in order to understand one another and solve a problem.
  • Began exploring comics and graphic novels. We have started learning about conventions of the genre and have been working with graphic stories to build comprehension and make inferences.
  • Continued our study of body systems with a unit on the respiratory system. Students measured their lung capacity and discussed ways to increase their vital lung capacity and to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Students were really excited to meet Tim Gosley and his puppet friends. This week’s sockpuppets were a huge hit!
  • Started a new story in French about a lonely frog and a couple of new songs, combining music with learning the new language.