Today was one of those magical days we all longed for as children: snow day! SnowI remember the excitement as a child watching the first flakes beginning to fall. I could barely wait until it covered the grass so my sisters and I could go out and make snowmen. (Smudgy, early-in-the-season snowmen covered in bits of grass.)

In Victoria snow is a rare pleasure for the kids (and a source of income for the local body shops, as nobody here knows how to drive in it!) Our snow days can happen anywhere from November to March, and when they come, it’s time to go out and have some fun because it rarely lasts long.

I hope this serendipitous day together allowed our parents and children to toss a few snowballs, catch some snowflakes on their sleeves and wonder at their intricate beauty, then head inside to cozy up together for a cup of hot chocolate. Some nice images to deposit in the memory bank.

– Roberta