CLV_AwardRoberta MacDonald, Principal at Elizabeth Buckley School (EBS), was recently honoured by Community Living Victoria with their Educator of the Year Award. EBS is an inclusive, non-profit K-6 school in Victoria.

Roberta was nominated for this award as having been instrumental in creating a truly inclusive environment at Elizabeth Buckley School. The school was founded 25 years ago to provide services for deaf and hard of hearing children in Victoria. Over the years the school has evolved and today “typical” children and those with a range of special needs learn side-by-side in welcoming, nurturing classrooms.

Roberta has created many community connections for the school. These partnerships are developed in a way to ensure that all of the students will have access to the benefits. Roberta has also recently completed a Masters of Education with a focus on Autism and Developmental Disabilities to support the school staff in addressing the needs of all students and in creating an inclusive, welcoming environment.

More about EBS

In 2012, the school began providing a unique curriculum enhancement called STEaM. STEaM is an acronym for arts and innovation, based on a foundation of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Our STEaM school provides an emphasis on discovery and exploration, with traditional STEM subjects interwoven with arts, humanities, and physical activity.

More about Community Living Victoria

On December 16, 1955, a group of dedicated parents founded what is now called Community Living Victoria (CLV). Today, as the largest non-profit community living service provider on Vancouver Island, Community Living Victoria provides a range of support services to children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Community Living Victoria recognizes the rights of everyone to have a full range of life choices, including access to education, affordable and appropriate housing, leisure options, gainful employment and participation in the community. A healthy community encourages the involvement of everyone.