Principal’s Message

“The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” – Robert Maynard Hutchins

Thank you for visiting Elizabeth Buckley School online. We invite you to take a few moments to learn why EBS is so successful at helping children learn and thrive.

We have entered interesting times in education. Technology, communication, and ways of interacting are developing so quickly that we may be preparing our students for careers that don’t yet exist. Our generation relied on the “three Rs” to prepare us for a successful life. The future will demand people who are flexible, effective problem-solvers, and able to think critically about the masses of information that they experience each day. In anticipation of this, we nurture our students to be adaptable, independent thinkers, able to work effectively with others, and imbued with a life-long curiosity and love of learning. These fundamental skills will help our students to meet the growing demands of an evolving world.

Elizabeth Buckley School supports the development of these skills in the following ways:

Small classes – Children have the right to be treated as individuals with unique needs. To support this, our student-to-teacher ratio is kept low so that we may focus on individual strengths and needs, supporting each student on his or her path to success.

Inclusive, supportive school culture – At EBS we go by the motto that “everyone gets what they need, and everyone’s needs are different.” Our classrooms embody a culture of respect where students develop a deep understanding of individual differences, and an acceptance for all.

Modeling of effective interpersonal skills, goal-setting and leadership – At EBS we follow the “Seven Habits of Happy Kids” program based on Stephen Covey’s book. Goal-setting, problem-solving and effective communication are skills specifically taught in all areas of the curriculum, from classroom to playground. By fostering the development of these personal habits, we are cultivating leaders.

Innovative instruction methods – At EBS we recognize that students learn best when they are engaged actively as “doers” and “thinkers” in hands-on activities that allow them to build their understanding in context. Through experimentation, observation, and discussion, students develop critical thinking skills that equip them to be lifelong learners. To be successful, children also need to develop multiple forms of literacy beyond reading and writing. Our digital literacy program teaches children to be safe and responsible online citizens, to make effective use of information sources, to respect copyright, and to confidently use technology.

Professional and dedicated staff – Our team of teachers and education assistants are skilled at identifying and encouraging the abilities of each child. Our teachers are certified through the BC Ministry of Education, and all members of the staff participate in ongoing professional development.

Dynamic and involved parents – From preparing and serving hot lunches and chaperoning field

trips to serving on the Board of Directors, our parents are engaged in the school in meaningful ways that contribute to a vibrant school community.

Enriched learning experience – The curriculum at EBS is enhanced through regular field trips, expert presenters and the integrated use of technology. The students’ education includes experiences in the wider community.

Taken together, these are what make Elizabeth Buckley School such a warm and special place to learn. Each day the children, staff and parents work together to support the students along the path of discovery and empowerment that a solid educational foundation provides. I invite you to come experience it for yourself.

Karen Milanese, Principal