Parent Auxiliary Committee (PAC)

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections every few years, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of school you would like your child to attend.”

hot_lunchVolunteers are the strength and the backbone of our school. They are the dedicated force that brings a richness to each child’s educational experience. From serving hot lunches to students each month to serving on the Board of Directors, all contribute to making Elizabeth Buckley a rich, nurturing environment for our students.

Our Parent Auxiliary Committee (PAC) is responsible for volunteering within the school community and environment (e.g. small-scale fundraising, running the hot lunch program, and helping out with special events). The PAC also plays an important role in providing feedback and advice to the Principal and Board. The PAC works to cultivate school spirit and a sense of community. For more information about the division of duties between the PAC and Board of Directors, please check out the Board/PAC Handbook.

The PAC oversees all small-scale fundraisers at Elizabeth Buckley School. The Board oversees larger fundraisers, such as grants. All fundraisers at the school are overseen by either the PAC or the Board. Funds raised by the PAC are allocated at the discretion of the PAC, with the approval of EBS administration.

The PAC Liaison on the Board of Directors communicate with the PAC closely in order to help each other attain goals and complete projects.  The PAC Chair gives PAC updates to the rest of the board at monthly board meetings.

PAC Positions:bottle_drive

Our PAC President for 2018-19 is Tina Bebbington. The PAC is an integral part of our school community. If you are interested in joining the PAC, please contact the office:


  • Liaise with the Board of Directors and Office Manager to finalize PAC fundraisers for the year (done in June of previous school year);
  • Oversee PAC fundraising projects;
  • Assess PAC fund requests from the school and distribute funds once requests are approved by the administration.


  • Assist with organization of family and school events;
  • Organize food for hot lunches and events;
  • Follow fundraiser and hot lunch timelines and procedures;
  • Work as a team member