About Elizabeth Buckley School

Elizabeth Buckley STEaM School is an independent K-5 elementary school and 6-8 middle school based in Victoria, BC. Our elementary school is located in The Cridge Centre for the Family on Hillside Avenue and our middle school is located at Nootka Court on lower Douglas Street in a shared learning space with Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.


Elizabeth Buckley School develops critical thinking, responsible citizenship and STE(A)M literacy through creative, collaborative, experiential learning in an inclusive environment.


At Elizabeth Buckley School, we believe that all children deserve:

  • to be a part of a safe, nurturing community;
  • to enjoy feelings of self-worth and success;
  • to learn in small classes with a low student to teacher ratio;
  • to be treated as individuals with unique needs and abilities;
  • to benefit from a partnership between school, staff, and parents;
  • to have opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development;
  • To have balance between individual and social, quiet and active, self-directed and guided experiences.

We believe that parents deserve:

  • to be welcomed and to feel a sense of belonging;
  • to have access to high quality, affordable education for their children, promoting academic excellence;
  • to benefit from a respectful partnership with school staff;
  • to be part of ongoing communication with the school, including the opportunity to provide direction in their child’s educational plan.

History of the School

Elizabeth Buckley School was originally founded in 1987 as a school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Victoria. Today EBS serves a much more diverse student population. Our classrooms are warm, nurturing environments where “typical” children and those with special needs learn side by side in an inclusive setting. We practise Universal Design for Learning – a philosophy of delivering curriculum that allows for a range of learning styles. This approach allows all students – from those who are gifted to those who need extra support – to experience success in an environment that provides meaningful opportunities for challenge and growth.

Who is Elizabeth Buckley?

Nancy Bourey, a teacher and a Speech and Language Pathologist, founded Elizabeth Buckley School in 1986 to provide educational opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing. The name Elizabeth Buckley was chosen to honour Bourey’s grandmother, an inspirational teacher in New York. As a struggling young widow, Buckley opened a school in her home, and provided a valuable service to many.